May 26, 2010

67 GB Blu-ray discs on the way

Panasonic and Sony announced that they have developed a new technology that can increase the capacity of Blu-ray discs for one-third compared to today's technology.

To increase the capacity they will use i-MLSE (Maximum likelihood Sequence Estimation) technology, which will present Blu-ray devices enable work with larger capacity. The statement mentioned that it is already possible to have 33.4GB per layer compared to the current 25GB, which means that dual-layer discs would have a capacity of nearly 67GB.

Everything what will be required for new discs is a software update on the Blu-ray devices, ie not need new lasers. Some companies will have to change the hardware for processing if they have weak components that can not work with the new disks in real time.

Sony hopes that the new i-MLSE technology will be adopted by the Blu-ray Disc Association and thus included in the Blu-ray specifications.
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