May 27, 2010

Dead Floppy Disks Reincarnated as Artistic Masterpieces

Where have all the old floppy gone? time had changed for the storage of data. A 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 floppy would store just few megabytes of data, but now we use pen-drives external hard-disks and blu-ray disks to store complete data starting from 1GB to 1TB we can store any large amount of data. So what had happened to all the old floppy's which we used it before, here is a fact about the floppy:-

“Since their introduction in 1981, billions upon billions of floppy disks have been manufactured and 30 years later production is coming to an end. Despite their previous dominance, physical media objects will eventually become rare artifacts. The floppy disk stands firm and lives on as a metaphor for the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, mass production and the throwaway culture of today.”

But this guy named NICKY GENTRY has a complete different opinion about these old floppy's.He brought all the dead floppy's into life.The recycling aspect of Gentry’s approach is evident: If an artist can use something as physically uninspiring as floppy disks and create something amazing, then we can all be a bit more creative in our everyday lives and think before throwing something away.

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