May 25, 2010

Facebook Shortcuts

I have found some of the shortcuts of facebook when i was surfing help center want to share some of them...

  • Alt+1: This key combination takes you to your Facebook home page, No matter where you are in
  • Alt+2: This combination takes you to your profile, Again from anywhere in the
  • Alt+3: This combination opens up the pending friend requests dialog.
  • Alt+4: By pressing this one you can see your Inbox(i.e. Messages).
  • Alt+5: You can see your Notifications by pressing this combo.
  • Alt+6: Pressing this takes you to the “My Account” where you can change your name and other details.
  • Alt+7: Pressing this takes you to the “Privacy Settings” where you can update/change your privacy settings.
  • Alt+8: This one takes you to the facebook fan page.
  • Alt+9: Takes you to the Terms and Conditions page(Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) which is bigger than a constitution of a country.
  • Alt+0: Takes you to the “Help Center” page. Where you can browse your applications and see facebook features.
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