May 31, 2010

Hitachi-LG Data Storage shows off HyDrive optical disc drive with SSD inside

Hitachi-LG Data Storage has unveiled a strange new product called the HyDrive that combines an optical drive with a SSD. The device is the first product of its type and will ship in August. The idea behind the HyDrive  is to add storage to a notebook or other PC without needing more space.

As strange as the HyDrive product sounds, the idea behind it actually makes a lot of sense. The first generation of HyDrives will be available with 32GB or 64GB of storage. Next year a version of the HyDrive with 256GB of SSD storage inside will be unveiled.

In addition to having storage space inside the optical drive, the device will be able to read and write to CDs and DVDs. Moving the SSD storage inside the optical drive allows the designers of netbooks and notebooks to use the space traditionally needed for storage inside the machine chassis for other needs or to design thinner devices. The first generation HyDrive will be offered on future EeeTop nettops from Asus and the HyDrive will debut globally inside the Asus N61DA notebook.
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