May 22, 2010

How to: 5 Ways to Surf Websites Faster on Slow Net Connection

There are number of ways to tweak Internet connection to load website faster. Website loads slow due to CSS formatting, images, javascripts and other elements. If we remove these elements, websites for sure will load faster.

1. Loband aims to do the same, it display webpages in super fast mode with all the original text minus formatting, colors and images. You can quickly browse through number of pages on a slow internet connection.

Just enter the URL (or web address) of website you want to visit and click on GO button. Original webpage will load in ‘text only’ mode very quickly. In case something is not working properly, you can switch to original webpage using ‘original’ link located at the top right part of the window.

2. Google Mobilizer – It is similar to Loband with additional option to display images. By default, it will show images and minimalistic formatting. You have option for ‘no images’ while surfing webpages with Google Mobilizer. Another cool way to surf website is super quick mode.

3. Finch – It has similar functionality of showing webpage in bare format. It takes out CSS, images, flash, metadata, iframes, and more, meaning less for your computer to load. It shows text only webpage in a clean format – though light color may turn OFF some users. Use Loband, if you prefer sharp title color.

4. Mowser – Another cool web based option to load webpages faster on slow internet connection. It shows webpages in a compact format. All the images are shown but in a scaled down format for faster loading – very impressive.

5. Opera Mini on PC – While above were web based services to render webpages with little formatting and related bells N whistles. Opera Mini is downloadable browser that allows you to surf internet with ease on slow connection.

Google Mobilizer and Mowser looked best as they also show images in scaled format. If you do not mind installing s/w, go for Opera Mini on PC. Firefox users can use ‘No Script’ extension for similar functionality. Enjoy speedy internet!
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