May 30, 2010


Recently I have read some of the articles regarding "How can a iPhone be tracked?", But noticingly this has shocked me.A developer has unearthed that one thirdparty library called Pinch Media is in fact using applications to track user application data. Not only is your location data being collected, but your physical movements, when you open and close applications. The reason why this isn’t a good move for iPhone users is that Pinch Media is used by a vast number of developers, many of which develop free applications. There isn’t any way in which you can turn off the tracking, nor is there any EULA license description which details what the application is actually doing. So in most instances, if you continue using any application from this library you will indeed be handing over some quite sensitive data. Worried? You might not be, but do you really want someone knowing your every movement? A high proportion of applications will also cache (like cookies on your computer) when you are offline, so when you next use the application your user data will be sent to the developers. Pinch Media is regarded by some as ‘spyware’, but not everyone agrees. User tracking is done by the mobile phone operators, and has been since mobiles first appeared. Google openly collects location based data, and most of us that use Google, know they do this. Internet security products also collect user data, but again this is not common knowledge. The real issue here is not so much that tracking is taking place, but that tracking is being done without the users’ permission.So iPhone users you are been tracked by Apple, each and every movement is been recorded  by Apple.
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