May 30, 2010

iWatch Apple Watch Concept: Now Carry Your PC on Your Wrist

When I was a small kid, I used to fantasize over wrist watches, where ever i go i used to wear watches even now without the watch I won't feel comfortable.Watches which we wear would beep for every hour, make sounds and many more.While the latest technology of iWatch which has combined the technology of a watch, phone and many more. Check out this iWatch its really cool.

All technological advances are results of a wondering human brain. In some corner of the brain at some point of time an idea emerges and that leads to building up of a concept. One such concept that has emerged is of the Apple iWatch.

The world has seen and tested the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Now is the turn for the iWatch, a conceptual designer watch launched by ADR studio, Italy. The watch boasts of an aluminum body reminding us of the other Apple ‘i’ range products. This sleek looking LCD touchscreen watch is loaded with 16 GB of internal storage space along with an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can easily connect to other devices such as the iPhone and iPad and interact with remote applications  and data. One of the most interesting features of the iWatch is the inbuilt Pico projector. The concept of projecting photographs and videos from a watch is amazing. This tiny gadget would almost give you the sense of carrying a computer on your wrist. Only it would not be so heavy.

Talking about tiny gadgets, in the present scenario it seems that the smaller the gadget the better it is. There was a time when we had computers that were rather ‘large’ in size. From the desk it was moved to the lap and in came the laptop. From the lap it went on to the palm with the palmtop systems. When we were thinking that that was enough of shrinking the system, in comes the concept of the iWatch, which is in many regards no less than a computer. In fact every gadget is shrinking in size. Consider the music system which used to be a huge set up of the system with  massive speakers on either side with separate cassettes and disks to be played. Now we have the iPod which can not only play music and video but also store all the music on the system itself. And its size is almost not even one tenth of the erstwhile music system.

What new gadget will come in the future is yet to be seen. Yet we can rest assured that with the coming of each new piece of technological wonder, life does become a lot easier and entertaining

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