Jun 29, 2010

8 Tech Gadgets Every College Student Should Consider

Every year that I look at the new, incoming freshman for the year, I’m always fascinated by the technology. I'm still graduating in college yet saw many changes in the technology with-in my +2 and engineering college. , but man, things have changed!  There were no iPhones, iPads, as well as applications for your phone.  I would have died for one of these gadgets! in my +2 grade, But I have some of my dreams come true in terms of gadgets.

No matter what kind of budget that you’re on, I wanted to point out 8 gadgets that you should consider.  They will not only help you with your college work, they will also help you with your life after college, making it a fantastic investment.

#1 The iPhone or Premium mobiles – This is one of the best investments that I have made recently.  There are so many cool applications that you can download for your phone.  Apps such as voice recorders, graphing calculators, GPS abilities, and more, you’re going to find that you can find so much to help you during your college career. My habit is to repair electronics and still I do, really my pockets fill with these a little.

#2 Cell phone extender  – I had found in my college days that the cell phone quality was just awful in my dorm room.  Instead of running a mile away to your dorm, I had found that many people had luck with their extenders.  This is a great way to boost your signal with your cell.  Try and go in with 4-5 people around your dorm so that everyone can take advantage!

#3 Internet service -- This one is simply awesome we used to use in our classrooms in the last benches while lectures teaching. Using of messengers is a cool one communication was made easy via mobile internet. Mobiles supporting internet services rocks. And even having a Internet at homes also matters a lot. Having an internet changes the college life in many ways. My world goes on with Internet, I sometimes feel that ' I couldn't survive without Internet'.

#4 A Computer - This is one of the important gadget most of them would have it. Having a computer has made me do impossible's possible. Lot of knowledge can be gathered by computer. Computer is my play time stuff, On and on every time usable one.

#5 A laptop  – I don’t know who doesn’t have a laptop in college.  In today’s market, you can really grab some great deals on a newer one, or even an older one.  Places such as Dell are offering brand new laptops for as little as  RS34,000.  Download a pirated operating system from the net and enjoy, If u have a little more stuff crack the operating system's by yourself ( cracking is one of my habit).

#6 A thumb drive  – A memory stick, thumb drive, or whatever you may call it is a great little gadget to have.  It’s a little USB port that you can take from computer to computer.  It’s a great way to transfer files from one computer to another.  If you’re going to be working in computer labs, I would highly recommend one.  You can find one that attaches to your keys.

#7 A printer  – Most colleges will charge you to print out items in the library ( huh! my college is *** one man they even charge for a single xerox) .  Yes, I know they already charge you an arm and leg for tuition, but you will find that this gets rather annoying.  Find a printer combo package that you can keep in your dorm.  It’s a great way to save when you’re looking to copy, print, as well as scan.

Last but not the least
#8 Wrist Watch -- My fantasy is wearing a watch all the time. Even though I have many watches, I die for buying a new watch again. All the time I wear in my hands and move around, even at home. This one is a greatest gadget I love. This one helps me out by letting me know, when my class gets done ;-).
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