Jun 2, 2010

Browse Faster in Google Chrome with FastestChrome Extension

Google Chrome browser is now having a good market share and posing a stiff competition to the powerful browser Firefox. The extensions and add ons support in these browsers are the major selling point. While there are many useful add ons for Firefox, Chrome is fast catching up with developers rolling out new extensions daily. Here is one such extension that can boost Chrome browsers speed and overall productivity.

FastestChrome is a Google Chrome extension that can enhance browsing speeds and add more features to the browser making your stay worthwhile. In fact this is the Chrome version of the Firefox add-on called FastestFox which was already available. The most highlighted and best feature of this extension is Endless Pages which pins pages one below the other by loading next page automatically.

FastestChrome endless next page: you can have a view of all the n number of pages in a snapshot view, where u can save much time.

Another feature worth mentioning is the alternate search pop up bubble that lets you search on many of the popular social networking sites out there. The quick definition when a word is highlighted is always useful for a power user.

FastestChrome search: you can approximately view many search in a single click.

Features of Fastest Chrome :

1. Endless Pages automatically loads the next page
2. Look up definitions instantly by highlighting a word
3. Shows you relevant results from real-time and shopping search engines
4. Search more conveniently
5. Automatically turns text URLs into links
6. Adds related articles to Wikipedia
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