Jun 28, 2010

A Frenchman found Guilty of Hacking Obama's Twitter

A Frenchman has been found guilty of hacking The U.S Presidents Twitter page. The young Frenchman was arrested for taking a sneak peak into the Obama's page.

Francois Cousteix who called himself Hacker Croll on Twitter was handed a 5 month suspended sentence, which his lawyer said was a light punishment. As he was facing 2 years in prison and a 30,000 Euro fine. This is the typical sentence handed down for committing such a crime. 

The story of the man who hacked the most powerful man in the world's Twitter has been the subject of immense media attention in France, and it has been reported that Cousteix was happy with the verdict handed down last week.

Cousteix has not only hacked Obama's Twitter account but he also managed to break into the accounts of Britney Spears, Lilly Allen and various other celebrities and public figures. He maintains that he did not do it with malicious intent, but only wanted to make the public aware that the internet is not secure. This news comes amidst the US government's announcement that they plan on introducing a new measure to make online transactions more secure.

Security experts have expressed concern about the fact that Cousteix has no special computer training but he simply managed to figure out a way of hacking into high profile accounts.  This is indicative of the fact that the security levels on the internet are in dire need of re-evaluation.

The young man also managed to get into the accounts of some of Twitters employees and was able to get access to various confidential documents such as company accounts and financial projections. He subsequently e mailed the documents to well known technology blog, TechCrunch, which in turn posted the documents online. Some of the information showed details about a proposed Twitter show and plans for a new office.

Cousteix now plans on putting this incident behind him and continuing on to his new job at a web marketing website. He managed to acquire the position as a result of the media coverage of his exploits.
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