Jun 27, 2010

Google Voice finally available to all

After what seems like forever, Google has finally taken Google Voice out of its invitation-only mode.
Google purchased a startup named GrandCentral in 2007 which was a service that aimed to unite all of your telephone needs. In March of 2009 it was re-branded as GoogleVoice and it took on a much more Google-style look. While users of the service raved about it, for the past 15 months it had been set up that you could only get in with an invitation.  That has now changed and the service is open to all who want to give it a try.
Google Voice offers up a lot of services, but one of the most popular is the unified phone number.  You choose a free virtual phone number, and then you can set it to forward to multiple phone numbers at once, such as your home, office and cell.  If there is a contact you never want to speak to while at home, you can change their settings to only ring through to your office and cell.  Want someone to only go to voice mail?  You can do that also.
It had been mentioned some time ago that features such as call recording would eventually cost, but it has been so long since that was last said, and with the service now being open, who knows if it will ever surface.  Google doesn’t tend to charge for its services, but it is also a business that needs to make money, so rest assured the company will find some way to monetize this.
For now, you can just finally head over to Google.com/Voice and grab your virtual phone number to get started.
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