Jun 23, 2010

Google Voice is Now Available For Everybody

Google Voice is a very interesting free service that allows people to combine phones in just one number while also being able to check voicemail and use SMS messaging, even without having a phone with you. Till now this service was only available based on invitations that were exclusive and issued only for some people. Now this changed and Google opened this service for everyone that wants to use it.
Google said thanks to a blog post that every person that wants to sign up will be admitted. Every user will have a number in order to ring all the phones and will cover both USA and Canada while also offering the possibility to make international calls at low prices. You will also be able to send a text message by using a simple web application that you can view in any browser or on any smartphone.
The biggest problem with Google Voice is the fact that you are required to use the special phone number that Google gives you. You can not go past this important requirement. You are not allowed to make portations. Even saw, there is still some hope as Google did offer some limited services and voicemail for individuals that would still want to use the same phone number as they have.

[via findtut]
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