Jun 18, 2010

Hacker Combines iPad and Verizon

Who will help to solve the following dilemma: iPad with Verizon? A kind of. It has become known that a hacker managed to mod an iPad 3G to make it function with network belonging to Verizon. He did it in order to make the mobile data connection of iPad much better.
IPads were not working well in AT&T’s network for some definite reasons. But how did the hacker connect to a completely different network? So, first of all, the internal 3G chip of the device was removed and replaced by Verizon’s internals, namely with MiFi mobile broadband hotspot chip.
Unfortunately, such a hacking operation turned out to be a costly one. To fulfill it it’s necessary to possess a 3G iPad which costs not less than $629 because Verizon’s MiFi can’t be connected without the components of iPad 3G. It is obvious that from financial point of view it is far much efficient to purchase a Wi-Fi iPad for using it with a MiFi. The only one advantage of that hack – a switch allows the MiFi to be turned on and off.
As a result of this hack the iPad, when functioning in Verizon’s MiFi, now reaches 1.1 megabits per second as a download speed, which is obviously higher than 193kbps provided by AT&T.
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