Jun 7, 2010

How to make invisible icons in XP, VISTA and Windows 7

Making of invisible icon on your desktop isn't it strange? many of them might know about this invisible icons, but would have an enthusiasm to make a invisible icon. Everyone will have a crazy minds o know about this.

here are the steps to create a invisible folder:

1. create a folder and right click on it > click on the rename option.

2. You can see a cursor blinking, now hold alt key and type 255 or 0160 from the right side numbers provided on the keyboard by holding the alt key and press enter.

3. You can notice that the cursor will move towards left.

4. now you'll be provided with the folder which does not have any name.

5. Now again right click on the folder and select the option properties.

6. you'll get a properties windows opened, select customize tab> change icon.

7. You'll get various options of icons that you can select, now select the icon which are invisible which you can see with a blank one's and click OK

here you go now your provided with a invisible folder.

if i receive comments on providing a video then ill create a tutorial video for you.
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