Jun 28, 2010

How to Remove Windows Registration Checker

You’re checking your email, minding your own business, when suddenly this garish Windows Registration Checker pops up with its polite appeal to “Please fill out all the required fields below.” Right away, you suspect that something’s not right. Why would Microsoft need your credit card information to verify your registration? Why would they need your birth date? Why would they do this at all?
Since you’re reading this, you obviously saw through the scam. Your instincts were correct: With this fake Windows Registration Checker pop-up lurking on your desktop, you’re a few keystrokes away from handing your credit card to crooks from some far-off country where the long arm of the law doesn’t reach.

Let’s get rid of it, shall we? check out in here 411.spyware.com complete detailed discription is given out here, follow the steps given in 411.spyware.

[via 411.spyware]
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