Jun 12, 2010

How to view Removed Videos on Youtube

Have you ever found an Interesting Video on Youtube but when you try to view that video you find out that the video has been removed by Youtube due to terms of Use Violation. According to the policy of Youtube, it has a right  to remove any video from public viewing if it is found to be violating the terms and conditions of Youtube. But now I will show you how to view that video.

Just follow the steps given bellow and watch your favorite videos:
  • Go to the page where you got the error message that this video has been removed.
  • Next click on the Video’s Publisher, that is- the Uploader of that video.
  • It should show you the uploader’s video uploads in the right.
  • Find the Video which he uploaded and is now removed
  • Click on it
  • Hurray! You have got access to watch the removed Video
  • Now Sometimes you can open the video in New Tab and it wont show the message that the video is removed due to violating the terms.. Sometimes it may show..
This technique had worked for me try out and comment if any negations for the above method
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