Jun 17, 2010


Really?  We have a Hydro Powered Calculator now?  Holy hydrogen! Water is awesome. It’s a refreshing beverage, a hangover cure, cleanser, and now it can power your calculators
. The Water Powered Calculator has 3 water powered batteries. Each battery has a pair of electrodes made of a special alloy that produces electricity through a chemical reaction. The water will last you 2-3 months before evaporating and then you simply refill the cartridge with more water. It’s free energy! The clear plastic shell of this calculator lets you see what’s happening inside. It’s $10.99 from Perpetual Kid and according to my calculations, if you bought 8,243 of these you’d have enough free hydro power to run a small car (or just do a lot of math).A single oxygen atom bonded with two hydrogen atoms equals my favorite drink, or so I think that’s how it works.  So yeah, this thing is too cool for school or work, you just fill up the three water powered batteries, plug them in and you’re good to go! 

Hydro Powered Calculator is made of clear plastic with geek-chic green buttons so you can see the system board and the process as it’s happening!
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