Jun 10, 2010

Intel's Moorestown smartphone is likely to use Gingerbread

GINGERBREAD, Android Froyo's expected successor, could be the first Google OS to run on an Intel Moorestown powered smartphone.

Intel is predicting that Moorestown, one of its current Atom processor

variants, will be used for smartphone handsets in 2011 and Gingerbread is rumoured to be coming by the end of this year. Chipzilla has been working with Google to port its popular open source handset OS to x86 chipsets.

"[The Moorestown handset] is likely to have the latest version [of Android] shipping at that time," Pankaj Kedia, Intel's director of global ecosystem programmes next generation handhelds and smartphones, told The INQUIRER at Computex 2010.

[via The Inquirer]
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