Jun 12, 2010

iPad try to build their own stand - Macintosh iPad Stand

Check out this, its some what interesting. I recently saw someone create an arcade cabinet for their iPad with some cardboard and a circuitry.

Now, someone has taken a Macintosh Classic, gutted the components and the old CRT monitor then modified the casing to place the iPad inside so that it can act as a screen.
iPad is the iPhone compared to the appropriate devices to large screen digital photo. If you use a digital photo is, iPad useful to have a stand to keep their stand. Therefore, pure stands of Apple is also good, so I decided to own at least.
Standard Web browser "Safari" on, Apple, and, Yahoo! Page is displayed.The original Macintosh Classic black and white display is 09 inches × 512 pixel resolution was 342, iPad IPS LCD is LED backlit with a color 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. I ratio of about 5.5 pixels in multiples of that. The Macintosh Color Classic 512 × 384 Web-inch color display from a small and I was also impressed when I saw the screen. IPad about the same size, yet the Web browser can be used well.

 You can check out in the pictures using of the Applications piano and safari browser.

[via hirac]
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