Jun 3, 2010

Monitor the Operating Status of Your PC from the Desktop

Here is a no frills (no install) status monitor, called Desktop Info, that is useful if you are into monitoring the operating status of your PC (e.g. cpu usage, low disk space, network connectivity, memory usage, etc). The status of your PC can be displayed on your desktop with little or no memory or cpu usage. For example, below is a screenshot from the desktop of my PC with Desktop Info running. When running, Desktop Info displays real-time information about the operation of your PC on your desktop with a transparent background. This app could be most useful if you are running numerous PCs to visually identify the operating status of your equipment.

Once Desktop Info is running on your PC and displayed on the desktop, you can close it by clicking right mouse key anywhere on top of the display info and by selecting quit on the menu. There are numerous options available to modify the output of information displayed by modifying the “ini” file that is in the same directory as the application. I encourage you to read the read.me file that is included to learn all that you can do with this little app. Before opening the program make your desktop wallpaper black to make the information visible.

UPDATE: What´s new in version 1.10:

Change: Added battery status.
Change: Added option to disable ClearType.
Change: Added header item. See ini file.
Change: Added cpu kernel time.
Change: Added inimonitortime to options. This is the number of seconds to check the desktopinfo.ini file for changes.
Change: Added osbuild.
Change: Fixed a problem with reading process information for some system processes.
Change: Removed DISKQUEUE item. It's included on the DISKIO item.
Change: Added filter option to FIXEDDISK item.

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