Jun 30, 2010

Next-Generation Windows 8 Begins to Take Shape: It Is All About Consumer and Speed

A number of Internet leaks reveal some of the key details about Microsoft Corp.’s next-generation operating system known as Windows 8. Apparently, it will target different form-factors and will support a number of new technologies, such as Bluetooth 3.0 or USB 3.0.
One of the key features of Windows 8 will be very fast boot time or even instant-on feature, reports Neowin.net web-site. In addition, Microsoft plans to implement various performance optimizations in order to make the operating system (OS) more responsive. Considering that more and more computers now integrate web cameras, Windows 8 will feature facial recognition technology. Also, the next-gen OS will leverage usage of Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0 and other high-speed interfaces.
“Windows 8 PC's turn on fast, nearly instantly in some cases, and are ready to work without any long or unexpected delays. When customers want to check e-mail, sports scores, or play media they love to reach for their PCs because they can get to what they want quickly,” Francisco Martin, a Microsoft enthusiast with access to the company’s confidential information, has reportedly said in a blog post.
In general, Microsoft wants to simplify and speed up Windows experience considerably with the launch of Windows 8. Not only the OS itself will work rapidly, but Microsoft wants applications to run faster as well.
According to Microsoft’s confidential slides that appeared on Cnet News.com web-site, Microsoft will target four PC form-factors – desktop, laptop, all-in-one desktop and slate. It can be expected that Windows 8 graphics user interface will either be customizable or will be generally very flexible to satisfy completely different users.
Microsoft also touts “better support for touch and gestures”, which clearly means that Microsoft Kinect technology is indeed migrating to the company’s core businesses.
Microsoft also plans to improve security feature-set of Windows 8 by implementing hard drive encryption using Bitlocker technologies.
Windows 8 may be released as early as in the middle of 2011.
Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.
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