Jun 18, 2010

OCZ Technology unveils an SSD

CALIFORNIA COMPONENT MAKER OCZ Technology has launched a 1.8-inch Solid State Disk (SSD).
The company claims its SSD supports a smaller footprint for the thin and light laptops market. So expect to see these bunged into ultra-thin laptops, netbooks, nettops, and tablets.
OCZ said the 1.8-inch SSD has the same performance as the bigger 2.5-inch models but offers mobility features. It uses a SandForce 1.8-inch Vertex 2 assembly and the sequential transfer rates are 285MB/sec read and 275MB/sec write.
The 32GB and 64GB capacity models use only one watt of power on full load and have a SATA 3Gb/sec interface. There are also 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB models available.
OCZ also offers an Onyx SSD that uses an Indilinx controller with 64MB of cache and can drive transfer rates up to 145MB/sec.
"We are now introducing two new drives that are designed to cater to the entire range of mobile applications including the Vertex2 1.8 [inch] and the new Onyx 1.8 [inch] which is designed for consumers looking for a quality SSD that is aggressively priced and is ideal for Netbooks," said Alex Mei, CMO of the OCZ Technology Group.

OCZ didn't release any price information but you can visit its product page here

[via theinquirer]
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