Jun 13, 2010

POCKET YOGA: the net-book concept by Lenovo

Lenovo has let slip some official-looking (if not rendered) shots of a Vaio P-like netbook, the Pocket Yoga. Sadly, it’s just a concept. Lenovo’s design department have outed the Pocket Yoga as a two-year-old concept. Why they were afraid to invest in that direction? Is everybody afraid about Apple choice and the Pad trend? We still believe that the market have enough space for both directions. Pads for those who likes gaming, reading magazines newspapers and e-books, and ultra mobile pc for business people (especially women ). We have to keep in mind that having iPads nothing is changing in terms of space and volume from the cheep and regular Eee Pc. Many people still love the idea to have a pocket pc able to do all the works they do with the regular computers but in mobility, thins that at the moment Pads are limited. We would like to encourage Sony, Lenovo, Asus etc. to analyze with attention this matter and take intelligent decisions. Many times in our blog we invite all Apple competitors to pay attention on following Apple’s road. It’s risky! Even if you will produce better designed and more performed devices, you will be always “just a copy”. They must find new concepts and create new life-styles to attract the attention of consumers. Showing them that your proposal is really different and give them the possibility to realize that thee is a different road to follow if they want to better use technology or just simply to be cool. And let’s admit all of us that Lenovo’s Yoga concept is a cool demonstration of that.
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