Jun 13, 2010

Technology in football

Technology is everywhere, this is a statement you listening but here I come with a different idea. Is technology used in football? Yes it is! Some might stunn listening to that technology used in football!
We shall move on. technology had became a part of every game playing now not only in football, in all the games. I'm very much interested in this tech used to capture the players playing. This technology used helps refree a lot, by helping his to make a proper descisions. Such as this example: two players hit the ball and fall down or occlude eachother then the refree cannot descide who's the first to hit the ball and who had made the foul (I'm not pointing the refree mistake, refree can descide this moment by using his intense concentration in the game play)

so a video capture this moment can replay and check out the review( I can say it as a HD video capture).Technology should not be used to make the role of the referee redundant but assist him in making decisions. football is different and played at a completely different pace to these sports but at this point football looks decidedly backward in its application of technology that is widely available. A complete computer vision technology is used to check over the game play. Admittedly there are issues around how camera and other technology would impact on the flow of the game and which types of decisions could be influenced. Referees are highly important to the game, and while they certainly have a tough job, doesn’t common sense suggest technology should be implemented? It would certainly take pressure off officials in regards to making the perfect call. It’s almost as if referees are trying to be too perfect, thus slipping up in the process. In an ideal world video technology would be used as an advantage, but until we live in an ideal world it appears that football won’t change.

Goal line technology:

"There is no point in introducing goal-line technology without understanding the wider issues"- Referees chief Keith Hackett

One area which is very popular is goal line technology (GLT).The attraction of GLT is that it tests, in theory, a black-and-white yes-or-no football variable. A goal is only a goal if the whole ball crosses the goal line – there is no room for interpretation, one of the main concerns for fans sceptical of replays generally. It can also reduce its output to a beep or a flashing light, or even to a buzz on the referee’s wrists. In other words, it’s instantaneous.

camera's used:

Camera's give much of the information for making the descions perfect. It captures each and every moment of the player very closely. Here is some of the information which we can get from the camera's or the camera placement.

Pitch region information:  Position of camera relative to pitch, change of camera shot by director

Skin region information: Close-up shots, crowd shots

Optical flow information:  Approximate movement of camera

Player tracking:  High-level state of game (e.g. who has possession)

Skycam ( Invented in 1984 by Garrett Brown ) is also one of the highest technology used in the matches. Skycam is the trademarked brandname of a patented, computer-controlled, stabilized, cable-suspended camera system. The system, similar to Steadicam, but maneuvered through three dimensions in the open space over a playing area of a stadium or arena by computer-controlled cable-drive system, is responsible for bringing video game-like camera angles to television sports coverage.

Video replays:

Football technology could take many forms. Perhaps the most controversial is the video replay, a concept which brings with it the beginnings of video refereeing, in-game pauses and a whole host of related issues.

The game has in fact taken a backwards step in this regard. The dug-out monitor, made infamous by Jose Mourinho, is now banned from English benches. Of course, this prevents managers and team officials seeing contentious issues in slow-motion

FIFA believe the best way forward is to improve the standard of refereeing rather than introduce technological advances. A high standard of refereeing is compatible with the use of cameras to assist their decisions.

Technology is even used in making of the football :

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