Jun 30, 2010

What Are Portable Antivirus Software:

Portable Antivirus Software are often stripped down version of their full-featured counterparts. They usually are available free for download, but generally, do not provide you a real-time security for your system. In this sense, they are not a substitute for your usual security software and antivirus, but are used for cleaning an already infected system.
Many of such Portable Antivirus Programs work only against certain specific threats, but they are the most common threats and cover a majority of infections worldwide.
The good part with these portable antiviruses is that you can carry them in your USB stick with you and use them to clean a friend’s computer also. You can save as many of them as you want on your USB and use them one by-one to scan and clean the infected computer, as against their full-featured versions, which can interfere the operation of one-another, if you try to install more than one security software on a system.
Some of them are also useful for providing the security to your removable drive like USB, when it is inserted un-knowingly into an infected computer.

One of the portable Antivirus software I recommend you is the CLAM WIN, it is the most popular Portable Antivirus today. It is open-source application and the download file comes without any virus definitions. When you download it and run it for the first time, it then downloads the definitions and updates itself for the big fight.

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