Jun 23, 2010

What You Need For Spam Blocking

Spam can be sent to email, website and others. Some people may not care about their email’s spam, but other people really care about this. So that they dont want their beloved email address becomes spam target. Spam is often difficult to cure. Except you using a software of spam blocking, this disturbance is not easy to be stopped. Maybe you often receive emails of advertisements like school, course, travelling and so on. The correct behaviour is: once you unsubscribe from their email, their spam email will be stopped. But this often doesnt solve the problem. Their emails still arive, although you have unsubscribed from their news or advertisements. Other than that, spam email also can come from someone you dont know or your friends too.
In this case, the spam blocking software can be very beneficial. It protects your email more than the email service you have tried. There are various spam blocking software you can try. From the paid till free ones.

One of the free service you can use is SCBL, also known as SpamCop Blocking List. This can help you in spam blocking effectively. It works without mind, so email from you friends can also be blocked. They will list various IP addresses have been reported.
SCBL will help you once you want to delist a website. SCBL will also delist automated report, user submission and report source when needed.
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