Jun 18, 2010

whats new in iPhone 4? Take a look at the key new features of the Apple iPhone 4


At 9.3mm, the svelte design of the iPhone 4 contributes to its much improved form factor. And the hardy custom glass screen that covers its front and back is the same material used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. The stainless steel band that wraps along the sides of the phone is reportedly five times stronger than standard steel and also doubles as its wireless antenna.

Retina Display

Dubbed so because it has four times the resolution of its predecessor, the bright, ultra-high resolution display delivers a wide viewing angle and renders text as sharp as print.


FaceTime is what Apple calls its new video call function. Higher in quality than standard 3G video calls, it can only be used over WiFi and between the new iPhones. But Apple is working with telcos to use it over their cellular networks, and will push it as an open standard that can be used by other devices. Switch between the front and back cameras with just one tap.

iOS 4

The updated operating system enables multitasking, so several apps can run in the background. The built-in email app now features a universal inbox and threaded emails. To better handle the burgeoning number of apps you might have, you can now organise them easily into folders.

5-megapixel camera and high-definition video capture

To put it simply, the higher-resolution camera sensor can absorb more light, resulting in better pictures. There's also an LED flash that can be used for photos and videos. High-definition video is captured at 720p resolution, at 30 frames per second. Using the iPhone's GPS feature, movies and photos will be automatically geo-tagged with location information as well.

Other hardware improvements

The iPhone 4 has the same efficient processor as the iPad, so you can expect speedier performance. There's also an extra mic on the iPhone that enables noise cancellation for clearer calls. The inclusion of a gyroscope makes the smartphone even more sensitive to motion controls that can be employed in games and other apps. The phone also supports the wireless 802.11n standard for wider range and faster file transfers.

Worth the upgrade?

You can almost picture hardcore geeks the world over collectively rolling their eyes as Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference this week. After all, the new features - such as high-definition video capture and high-quality video calls - are already available on many smartphones.

But while the features aren't new, Apple is counting on luring consumers by delivering a smooth and immersive user experience. FaceTime, for instance, one-ups the conventional 3G video call by making it a breeze to talk to your loved ones "face to face", and have them see what you're seeing on a big, bright screen. If you're a travelling parent or caught in a long-distance relationship, FaceTime could be reason enough to upgrade.

If you have an iPhone 3GS, you'll get the software improvements that come with iOS 4 (out on June 24), but you won't get the sharper screen and other hardware improvements that come with iPhone 4. iPhone 3G owners can update to the new OS but you won't be allowed to multitask apps because of the device's slower processor.
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