Jul 2, 2010

Firmware Upgrade Immune iPhone OS Jailbreak Announced

Recently, Planetbeing, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, sparked many thoughts (good ones) with an exciting post on Twitter. His tweet indicated that it might be possible to develop exploits that can work beyond the current days of the iOS 4 and well into the future of all iPhone operating systems to come. Here is what his tweet said:
Having the iPhone 4 bootrom makes it possible to develop exploits that are immune to firmware upgrades (unlike the Spirit family of jbs)
Just few hours back the tweet mentioned above, he had another Tweet that stated:
Yay, just managed to get this out: SHA1(iphone4-bootrom.bin)= 03203a4ebc24bd2488efdaaa19f0c9589496011f (prolly same as ipad, though).
With this news as well as the news that we received just a few days about MuscleNerd’s and Planetbeing’s announcement that Comex’s Spirit jailbreak has been posted to work on the iOS 4 AND the iPhone 4. This is some great news for the jailbreak community. The developers are working hard at accomplishing more reliable and secure ways to jailbreak devices without any issues. The port of the Spirit jailbreak to the iPhone 4 wasn’t a bootrom exploit, meaning that it was something that Apple could patch with a firmware upgrade. But we all have hope now thanks to Planetbeing’s more recent announcements.

As of right now, you and everyone else you know must be wondering when a working jailbreak will be released to the public, but unfortunately as of right now, there is no scheduled release date. Its better to let the developers continue to work on their recent discoveries and release a final version that works and is better for the future of the jailbreaking community  as opposed to leaking something that may only work temporarily. All eyes are currently on Planetbeing to see which direction everything will be headed in but for now, the pictures of Cydia runing on the iPhone 4 is still good enough to keep us thinking about the possibilities that are soon to come. You can check those pictures out again by checking out our previous post here.
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