Jul 10, 2010

How To Rescue/Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (WGA)

 Most of them are facing this problem from the month of february of 2010 as Microsoft has sent an update to break the hack of the pirated windows OS. If you are reading this tutorial carefully then you might be a facing the windows Genuine problem. Even I was one who unfortunately was out of luck before Microsoft, So how to get your windows genuine.

What is Windows Genuine Advantage Notification?
 WGA_Logo Windows Genuine Advantage is a software anti-piracy program started by Microsoft in 2005. It enforces the online validation of some of the Microsoft products. It is automatically installed if Windows Automatic Updates are enabled. If goes to the Windows Update site, it will ask you for installing this validation tool before you can select the updates from the Microsoft update website. By accepting to install this validation tool, an ActiveX component in Internet Explorer is installed.

Well the reason is that you have been installed an update named KB971033 via windows update. This update fools the user saying that as important update and gets installed in your PC, which makes all these counterfeiting problems. There are tools out there, where you can download them but most of them don't work at all. Its a bit waste of time. There is nothing you can do after the installation of this update in your windows OS. If you want it temporary out of your system just unistall the update KB971033, Now run the RemoveWAT software and remove complete genuine update in your system.

If your are real interested in checking out if this works on your system try this out. Surf google and download this software Windows 7 Ultimate activation crack by cracker named HAZAR7 software name is Loader Release 4. Search in google you'll find it and restart your PC after installation and then use RemoveWAT

RemoveWAT tool, developed by Hazar, allow you to remove Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) completely from the windows operating system. Once the user removes Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) users can then activate illegal and pirated copies of Windows 7 retaining genuine status and receiving all updates from Microsoft. Users can also pass the genuine check in Microsoft’s official tools like Windows Defender as well.RemoveWAT tool completely removes Windows Activation Technologies from the system resulting in no windows activation section in control panel.

The problem is that it is just temporary, I myself had faced problem after using this RemoveWAT. So if you spare time for once then just format your entire C: drive ( drive where OS is installed) and disable the updates, because it doesn't matter if updates are there or no. And find out some good drivers which are more advanced to the present once which comes with your windows 7. Finally this is an ultimate solution for it.


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