Jul 31, 2010

Intel Creates World's First End-to-End Silicon Photonics Connection with Integrated Lasers

For more than half a decade, Intel has been researching data transfer via light at its Intel Silicon Photonics lab in sunny California, And now Intel announces their research results on the silicon photonics. The company has developed a research prototype representing the world's first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers. You might be wondering what so great about this technology. Yes this would be the future of the data transfers from internet or a system to system. Now a days who would wait for the data to copy or view from the net? Who would wait before the computer letting the video to buffer? who would really waste a lot of time transferring data from system( computer) to another system( mobiles and storage gadgets)? Yes, this technology is all about that. You can transfer any amount of data within seconds, isn't that shocking!

Now we use copper wires where data transfer is about 10Gbps, while the distance and speed even includes in this copper wire system. So now Intel had come up with this project on silicon photonics, which is a great success. this technology is expected to hit the market in 5 years from now. So let us discuss about the benefits of this technology and where it is applied.

With this technology we can transfer data from 5Gbps to 1Tbps. Silicon Photonics Link brings together the unique attributes of laser and IC technologies. A single set of transmitter and receiver chips can deliver 50 Gbps bandwidth over long distances, with extremely low error rates.Because it is developed using silicon manufacturing methodologies, the link can be utilized for high volume applications with minimal process complexity or cost. And instead of active alignment between the chip and fiber, the link takes advantage of passive packaging. This technology is applied everywhere, where an interconnection is made between a system to system. Data from a computer to any storage can be transfered with in an eye blink.

"This achievement of the world's first 50Gbps silicon photonics link with integrated hybrid silicon lasers marks a significant achievement in our long term vision of ‘siliconizing' photonics and bringing high bandwidth, low cost optical communications in and around future PCs, servers, and consumer devices" Rattner said.

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