Jul 5, 2010

Intel planning new processors and lower prices for third quarter

Digitimes has been talking to motherboard manufacturers and has compiled a list of updates and price cuts Intel is bringing to its processor
line-up. The good news for anyone wanting to buy or build a new PC later this year is there will be some new processors to choose from.

The processor updates will arrive in three lots across July, August, and October.

In July there will be three new chips introduced (all prices are per 1,000 bought):

* Core i7-970 (6-core) $885
* Core i5-760 (4-core) $205
* Core i5-870S (small form-factor) $351

Three existing chips will see a price drop this month too:

* Core i3-540 $117 (was $133)
* Pentium E6600 $75 (was $84)
* Pentium E5500 $64 (was $75)

Then in August we can expect the Core i7-950 to drop in price dramatically from $562 to $294. The following four chips will also be introduced:

* Pentium E5700 $75
* Core i3-560 $138
* Pentium E6800 $86
* Celeron E3500 $53

Finally, in October we’ll see more price drops:

* Core i3-550 $117 (was $138)
* Pentium E6700 $75 (was $86)
* Pentium E5700 $64 (was $75)
* Celeron E3400 $42 (was $53)

All these prices and processor releases are unconfirmed by Intel, but motherboard manufacturers are the most reliable source of information on this due to the support they need to offer newly released chips.

Read more at Digitimes
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