Jul 9, 2010

iPhone 4 Bursts into Flames While Charging

                    As if the iPhone wasn t mired in enough controversy, here's some more. Folks over at Boy Genius Report have come across pictures  of what apparently is a phone that was fried in a fire.

The phone in question was bought into an AT&T store by the owner in the hopes of getting it repaired. However, the phone was damaged beyond repair. The phone was allegedly damaged while it was connected to a computer using the Apple USB cable that comes with the phone.


When the local Apple Store was contacted, they confirmed that the fire was caused due to a defective USB port. BGR also reports that the Bezel of the device had gotten extremely hot and that the USB port in the phone was slightly melted in the fire that ensued.

The customer as of now awaits a replacement device.

[source: BoyGeniusReport ]
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