Jul 8, 2010

iTornado helps simplify PC to Mac switch

iTornado, a device designed to simply the transfer of data between a PC and Mac. The company is aiming iTornado at PC to Mac "switchers" who want to take their data to their new Macs without having to rely on a service technician to do it for them.

                                              The iTornado comprises a "file transfer micro computer" that connects between the USB ports of the target PC and the destination Mac. iTornado initiates a peer-to-peer network and auto-loads and auto-runs the software and drivers needed to move the data from one computer to another, without requiring the user to load any software manually on either machine. A split-screen display appears on the monitors of both machines, where files can then be dragged and dropped, transferred at up to 25 megabytes per second, according to the company.

[via Macworld ]
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