Jul 12, 2010

A Blackberry Tablet Rumored To Be In The Works

The latest buzz is that smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) will be making a tablet carrying the same brand as their flagship devices.

Ashok Kumar, a research analyst, speculates that the mobile computer will have a 7-inch touchscreen, dual cameras at the front and at the back plus a 1GHz processor.

The Canadian smartphone maker declined to comment more on this but it seems like there is an opportunity there for a office-oriented tablet. The iPad isn’t all that great when it comes to doing actual work so churning out a Blackberry tablet can be an answer to that need.

Of course, we urge you to take this with a grain of salt or more since it’s all up in the air until RIM announces themselves how they plan to enter the tablet market.

via CNET, image from TiPb
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