Jul 7, 2010

Reasons for Computer Shut Downs and Restarts

Every computer has a problem once in a while. Sometimes our computers freeze, sometimes our computers won’t turn on. Sometimes the only solution is to reformat everything and start from zero. This can be really frustrating. Especially if you aren’t a computer technician and have to rely on one. Sometimes computers shut down and restart by themselves. So, why does your computer shut down? Why does your computer keep restarting? This is very annoying since jobs in progress may be lost and probably will have to be done again from the beginning.

But maybe there is something you can do, a sort of preventive maintenance that can be done in order to prevent such problems.

With new computer operating systems being put out every year, it is not uncommon to hear about computers shutting down by themselves or restarting by themselves. So why does your computer shut down? It may be due to a variety of factors, some of them could be that mal-ware or ad-ware has gotten to your computer. A computer virus is always a plausible theory. But, why does your computer keep restarting? Maybe checking the hard disk for any of the above reasons could be a good idea.

Keeping and maintaining your computer system is very important in order to have a stable and safe system. Periodic scans and checks should be automatically scheduled during low-usage hours in order to preserve your unit’s speed and stability.
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