Jul 23, 2010

RecBoot 1.1: No More LibUSB!

The update for the previous RecBoot, there is no use of installing LibUSB to make RecBoot work with your iPhone. As of before there were many problems installing LibUSB i.e most of them complained that they were losing the drivers after installing LibUSB into the system. So iHacker is back with the update to RecBoot. He even includes many suspicious defaults in RecBoot. But there is nor problem of using this, its safe for iPhone. If you have struck on the recovery logo in iPhone then place it to computer and run RecBoot. Don't forget to run as administrator as you might face problems of the software not working properly.

iHacker gives the following statement on this RecBoot 1.1:

If you wish to enter Recovery Mode, however, you will need to download and place iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the RecBoot folder. I cannot provide this due to legal reasons. I could have made RecBoot point to the DLL from the registry, but I’m not going to, it’s just a quick open source thing I created for the community that isn’t a big deal,  feel free to do whatever you want with it, use the batch files and everything else in the folder.

DOWNLOAD: RecBoot 1.1
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