Jul 18, 2010

Samsung spins 512GB solid state disk

Samsung announced what appears to be its first 512GB SSD (solid state disk), utilizing "high-performance toggle-mode" DDR NAND flash. The device provides three times the performance of a typical hard disk drive, and extends battery life even further than previous SSDs, the company claims.

Samsung's new 512GB SSD appears to be the company's first to offer such high capacity, though similarly sized offerings have previously been announced by Adata (the XPG) and Toshiba (the THNS512GG8BB), among a few others.

Demonstrating how SSD performance has improved over last year's already speedy offerings, Samsung says its 512GB offering's SATA 3.0Gb/sec. controller generates a maximum sequential read speed of 250MB/sec. and a 220MB/sec.sequential write speed. (In 2009, Adata's 512GB offering was claimed to have sequential and write speeds of 230MB/sec. and 160MB/sec., respectively.)

Samsung further adds that it developed a low-power controller specifically for the "toggle-mode" DDR NAND flash memory employed in the new drive.

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