Jul 22, 2010

Secunia Half Year Report on Vulnerabilities for End-Users

Secunia Half Year Report is out showing up new updates about vulnerabilities. the evolution of the security threat posed by vulnerabilities over the last five years, and provide an outlook
for 2010 based on the data of the first six months of this year.

The overall conclusion is that despite considerable security investments, the software industry at large still proves unable to produce software with substantially less vulnerabilities, highlighting the continued need for Vulnerability Intelligence and Patch Management.

Further, the report shows an alarming development in 3rd party program vulnerabilities, representingan increasing threat to both users and business, which, however, continues to be greatly ignored. This trend is supported by the fact that users and businesses still perceive the operating system and Microsoft products to be the primary attack vector, largely ignoring 3rd party programs, and finding the actions to secure these too complex and time-consuming. Ultimately this leads to incomplete patch levels of the 3rd party programs, representing rewarding and effective targets for criminals.

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