Jul 30, 2010

Sharp and TDK announces first 100GB Blu-ray disc

This may hit you as a surprise but Sharp and TDK are set to release 100GB Blu-ray discs in a couple of days. For folks in Japan, the 100GB Blu-ray discs will be available as early as the end of July. For this disc, BDXL standards use 33.4GB per layer of storage on four layers.

What the Blue-ray Disc Association would be scratching their heads about will be what exactly they would do to encourage sales of these discs when they are widely available because they are not compatible with many players. These discs and their compatible players will first be released in Japan. Other countries would follow later in the year.

You can a more review of the press release here.

More info on the development which was done by the TDK can be read here 
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