Jul 10, 2010

Sony releases smallest 3D cameras in the world

Sony has further expanded its family of Cyber-shot digital still cameras with two more models, namely the DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5, making them the smallest 3D cameras in the world being full well capable of capturing 3D images with a single lens system using nothing but a sweeping motion. This means making your own 3D panorama shots are easier than ever before, where it is all made possible thanks to a high-speed burst of frames which is then stitched together using innovative processing techniques, resulting in an automatically created detail-packed 3D panorama. Of course, you can always choose to enjoy these images in mere 2D, or in stunning 3D as long as you own a compatible 3D television. This would mean a larger initial outlay since you will also require 3D-compatible HDMI cables and 3D glasses, where all of these are sold separately.

Both the DSC-TX9 that comes with a 3.5″ 921k resolution LCD touchscreen display and the DSC-WX5 that sports a 2.8″ LCD display lets you view images in a whole new way. With Sweep Multi Angle, you are able to view images moving in simulated 3D right on the cameras’ LCD display simply by tilting the camera back and forth. This new shooting feature will then capture 15 images at different angles, compiling them into a single photo to create a 3D-like effect on the display. Pretty neat – who would have thought that technology would have advanced at such a pace that off of these are now possible.

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