Jul 16, 2010

Stop Apologizing For Linux!

"And that goes for Canonical and Ubuntu as well. Yeah, I'm talking to you too, so listen up.

"Picture this scenario . . .

"Say you've got yourself a nice computer, be it tower, notebook, or whatever, and it has a dual core 64 bit chip. It's a pretty cool system and it came with Windows 7. After much hounding and friendly ribbing from your Linux-pushing friend, you decide you're going to load up Ubuntu. So you wander over to the Ubuntu desktop site to download your desktop Linux ISO where it tells you that the 64 bit edition isn't recommended for desktop use (see the image below). You're confused. After all, your computer came with a 64 bit version of Windows. Isn't 64 bits better than 32? Why can't Linux run a 64 bit desktop?"

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