Jul 3, 2010

Top 4 Cell Phones Compared To See Which Has The Best LCD

iPhone 4, Motorola Droid X, Droid Incredible and HTC EVO were put to test to see which has the best LCD. The result was based on contrast, color dept, color accuracy and brightness.
The Droid X and HTC EVO use traditional TFT LCDs, like you'll find on most phones. TFT LCDs can give very different results if they're tuned differently, though. The iPhone's screen is an IPS LCD, a variant on TFT LCD where the molecules of liquid crystal are parallel to the panels as opposed to perpendicular. The Droid Incredible is AMOLED. Each display technology has its different advantages and disadvantages. AMOLED could one day replace LCD because it offers superior contrast, but it's still expensive to manufacture and is not nearly as bright as LCDs. 

In brightness iPhone is the winner.

In contrast HTC Droid Incredible is the winner.

In colour depth iPhone 4 is the winner.

Winner: The Motorola Droid X has the most accurate colors out of the bunch

Overall Winner: iPhone 4
Source: pcmag
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