Jul 12, 2010

Touch Nano and iWatch

So there was this leak on a Taiwanese Apple site that looked very much like a 3cm x 3cm touchscreen for some sort of Mac.

What exactly will the part be for? No one can agree on the final product but here are a couple of mockups some artistic fans cooked up.

The one on the left is an iWatch. It definitely goes against the Apple’s artistic sensibilities though to make a gaudy and bulky watch with a touchscreen. The more likely candidate is the one at the right, a small MP3 player like the iPod Shuffle that has a touchscreen interface.

Another speculation is that it will be for the upcoming MacBook Pro. A touchscreen pad for mouse control would be great but is it really necessary? Let’s just sit tight and wait for Apple’s true motives behind this mini touchscreen, shall we?
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