Jul 15, 2010

UFO Over Chinese Airport

the photos are online IA today called China Airport UFO true or false? The images of a UFO claimed at the airport in China refers specifically to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. surface images claim to represent a UFO last night in the flying saucer city airport to serve the people, the Republic of China and am in the provincial capital of Zhejiang. But news reports are saying realChinese an unidentified flying object that looked more like a kind of spaceship disrupted air traffic in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, on Wednesday for a couple of minutes.

The strange Äúaircraft, AU, Ajax can be seen in some photos, as seems to be something like a tractor beam that we have seen in movies and series on UFOs. Now, people all over the web to make their own theories to explain the presence of the object. China Daily reported that the authorities know what is really the UFO, but won, AOT make it public because it relates to military.Is this boat to a stranger? Or simply that the ship is tested by China, the AOS in the army? In any case, what he did in China during the Xiaoshan airport AM? Perhaps Äôll never know the answers to these questions.

Jack Ryan is the article in the Chronicle on the observation post said that the emergence of the UFO caused a massive display of white light, which causes delays in the nearest airport. The airport was closed after the UFO was seen around 21:00, and some planes were diverted to other authorities airports.According Chinese airport, the UFO has been selected for the radar last week, July 7th 2010 approximately 21:00 pm. As he could not identify AOT exactly what they had seen on the ground and flights at the airport for about an hour, causing passengers were stranded.

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