Jul 13, 2010

USB controlled 'Power USB' strip turns on when your PC says it can

Power USB! This is really a cool gadget launched as a consumer product using the same technology used in Industrial application by its parent company iMetrix Technology.You wont believe if i say that this one is a automation one. Time has been changed from the power slots to USB. This is some what really cool, Power USB save much power. Switches on when any use with the power and again automatically power supply cuts down as soon as the works done. Example when we use printer the power supplies till the printer works and then goes off when work finishes. Isn't this awesome? Ya its is.
                                            The device provides power savings and help towards greener earth. This has Four Outlets, Two always on and Two controlled through USB interface.100-250V AC. 15A Total and 6A each outlet

Features and Benefits

  • Conserves Electricity by powering peripherals only when needed
  • Home/Commercial automation to automatically switch on home appliances or lights
  • Printer Features
    • Automatically switches on the printer during printing
    • Huge power saving if printer is used occasionally
    • Printer is kept powered down thus increasing life of the Printer
  • Software Features
    • Customizable Global hot keys to switch on the power outlets
    • Timed switch on/off of the power outlets
  • Power Strip Features
    • Universal World socket. Accepts plugs from all countries
    • Individual Fuse per port
    • Child protected socket
  • Software API and DLL available for integration with other applications and products
Source: PowerUSB
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