Jul 7, 2010

USBCELL AA: Rechargeable USB batteries

Today we live in time where we need to preserve our environment and energy, therefore we’re always looking for a new ways to restore power and reuse it. Many devices are using rechargeable batteries, but on the other hand, many people are still using plain disposable batteries that are harmful to our environment. Since they cannot be recharged and reused they are just thrown away and buy ones are bought. That way they are spending more money and on the other hand, they are polluting the environment, but luckily something might change soon

First rechargeable batteries have been released in 80’s and they were a huge hit back than because you could have used them more than hundred times. Over the years there have been all sorts of chargers for rechargeable batteries. The first ones were using electricity and power outlets while the latest ones are using solar power for recharging. In addition, there were all sorts of USB chargers but we have never seen USB AA rechargeable batteries, until now. USBCELL AA batteries are standard rechargeable batteries but in order to recharge them you need to remove the top of the battery and plug them into the USB port. It’s quite simple and it’s strange that nobody thought of this before. It takes about 5 hours to recharge 90% of the battery and an hour to recharge it to 50%.

source: geardiary
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