Aug 26, 2010

AMD Discusses Details of Next-Generation Products "Bulldozer"

 For those of you who might not keep up with the company's roadmap, here's the current situation. Llano, the 32nm Phenom II-derived APU (read: CPU+GPU) that AMD was hoping to launch at the end of Q4 this year won't tip up until Q1. Normally this means "March 31st," but AMD implied that it might launch the chip earlier in the quarter rather than later. Llano will target the low-end and midrange desktop segment. AMD will also launch its new Ontario mobile processor late this year. Ontario combines the Bobcat mobile processor with an integrated GPU; the term Bobcat refers strictly to the CPU core. AMD is billing Bobcat as a "sub one-watt capable core" (emphasis ours), and predicts that it will clean Atom's clock while redefining AMD's position in the netbook / low-end notebook space. Unlike Llano, which was (unofficially) pushed back, Bobcat has actually been pulled forward—AMD's yields have been sufficiently good to merit an early launch it seems.


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