Aug 8, 2010

Analysis chart about how people love and hate the new iPhone 4

 What do people love and hate about the new iPhone 4. This is a research survey from ChangeWave Research. The best feature the people like is the "retina display". Every one liked the new display its a crystal clear. And the second comes the Camera touch UI, its just awesome with its new 5MP camera with a flash in it. It even has the front cam for the 3G service called as the "FaceTime" video chat, Most of them using this service liked it a lot. I my self fell in love with the display its amazing.
                       The most hated features are the AT&T service, i.e as we have to activate and use the phone using the AT&T service, as it is limited. The very know common issues of the Antenna problems in the iPhone, How ever it is solved by the Bumper cases. But most of them are complaing about the Antenna issues and dropped calls still even after the fix. Coming to the iOS4 it simply rocks, Good multi-tasking and faster than ever. Amusingly, battery life which has remarkably improved on the iPhone 4 was a "like best" for 20% of people, and "dislike most" for 15% of people.

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