Aug 11, 2010

Defrag your registry using Quicksys RegDefrag (Optimize Windows)

This is a latest version which has been released with some new features and advance options in clearing the problems with the registries. How does this software work? Most of them might face problems while installing software ending up with some errors and exit the installations. The problem with the installations is due to the registries. When a software is installed into your system to get access with the system it'll happen to edit some of the registries and make itself easier, this is a little bit advanced understanding( expert users can digest this statement).And some times you might face the problems of ending up of the software without your notice, This is even a problem of registries. So to make our system even more faster than we need to have a clean registries, This software actually helps with that sort of problems. This is a very useful software to make your windows OS run faster and keep it healthy from any crashes.

This software just optimizes the registry files and does not edit any registry entries, so it is much safer to use. Download link is provided at the end. 

Features & Benefits

  • - Repairs defects by rebuilding your registry
  • - Remove fragmentation with a linear and sequential registry
  • - Compact registry by removing gaps, unused space and the amount of RAM the registry takes up
  • - Improves applications response time
  • - Makes Windows running more stable
  • - Protect privacy by erasing previously deleted registry cells.
This Software works with Windows XP, Vista and even Windows x86 and 64 bit ( tested ) .
 I have given many of the tips how to make your system faster, This is a new one add into your system now. This is a freeware software, No need of any payments. If anyone interested to donate can go here

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