Aug 13, 2010

How to install Ubuntu 10.04 on PC/Laptop

This is a complete tutorial for how to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Lets have a quick look on it. Ubuntu 10.04 is also called as Lucid Lynx. This is a quick tutorial for the new users of the Linux OS, read each and every step carefully and start ahead.

Download the Ubuntu 10.04 from the official site as its a Free Open Source Software. Burn it on to a CD as a image i.e .iso file onto CD using any of the writer software at a lower speed. I have chosen x4 speed to write onto disk to make sure of no crashes. Now make sure of your CD ready and insert into your CD drive.

Restart your system and boot from the CD/DVD-ROM. It'll take few seconds to load and enter into the installation. 

Now select your language and click "Install Ubuntu 10.04  LTS"

It'll ask you for your country or city location, select it and click forward.

Now time to select your preferred Keyboard language, Select it and then click Forward.

Hard disk partitioning: This is a bit complicated task for the new users, It is not as complicated as it is. Just follow the below instructions give.

There are three different ways to create partition:
1.If you have any other operating system already installed on your PC or laptop go for the first option and click Forward.

2.If you want to use as hard disk completely for the Ubuntu then go for the second option "erase and use entire disk" and click forward.

3. If you want to have it manually installed go for this option, This is for the advance users. Even the first time users can make it( read it carefully, If your installing for the first time).

   A. Select "Specify partition manually(advanced)" and click forward.
   B. Here you can find /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. Right click on each of them and delete both of them.
   C. Now you can find a completely free space. Click on the free space and select Add option, A new window opens up. Now type 2000 in the "New partition size in megabytes" field and select the "swap area" option from the "Use as:" list. Click the OK button, You can find a swap line with the allotted space.
   D. Now select the free space and click the Add button, again a window opens up now select primary and give some space for it as you wish and select / as the "Mount point" and click ok now you can find "ext4" with the space you allotted.
  E. Now once again click on the free space and click Add option, This time give the remaining size and select /home as the "Mount point" and click ok. Now you'll find "ext4 /home" with the remaining space.

Thats it now you have been completed with the making of partitions. Select forward option now.

It'll ask you for the information of the user and the password, Finish all the basic information and select any of the 3 options provided. I recommend to select the second once to have a little secure in the use which you can find the benefits of it while using it.

Now it'll ask you whether you are really ready for the installations, Go on for it click install. Within few minutes it'll complete the installation( It took 15 minutes for me). This installation process depends on your RAM so don't worry it'll be soon completed.

As soon as the installation completes it'll ask you to restart now, Select it. CD will eject and it'll end all the processes and click Enter after it finishes all the processes.

System will restart and now you have successfully completed the installation of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. 
Sorry for the Bad image quality but, its clear to have a understanding view. 

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